Karen P. Dugood -
MBA (Entrepreneurship), Class of ‘12

Email: Karen.dugood@hotmail.com

About Me

Date of Birth: August 13, 1982
Program Completed: MBA
Major: Entrepreneurship
Graduate ID: AU658-12

Research Interests


My research interests are as follows:

Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise, Entrepreneurial Finance, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Managing Change, Managing for Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Global Capitalism, Entrepreneurial Leadership: Past, Present and Future, Building Business in the Context of a Life, Entrepreneurial Management in a Turnaround Environment, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in Healthcare.


Biography, Education & Training


For my undergraduate education, I studied Marketing at Cal Brooks University. The way businesses and global markets work always attracted me and learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship became my first interest. That’s why I enrolled at Cal Brooks University for the undergraduate program 2 years ago which I successfully completed. The undergrad courses were so engaging that they left me wanting to learn more about business. That led me to enrolling into Cal Brooks e-MBA program that’s simply the best fit when you want your life, work and studies to go side by side.


Working Experience


Product Support Analyst at GE (2012 till present)

Full Time Sales Representative at Dell (1999 – 2012)

Operations Coordinator at Ford (1997 – 1999)