School of Computer Science

Computer Sciences majors educate students about computer systems and the way humans and computers interact from a scientific perspective.


Computer Science

Computer Science has been growing rapidly and evolving with the passage of time. Furthermore, computer science is applied in every path of life, and it has become one of the core fields which contribute towards the development of the society at large. A degree in computer science is the key to successful career.

Software engineering

Software engineering basically deals with the application of engineering to design, development and maintenance of software. Students are given latest and up to date knowledge about software engineering. A degree in software engineering opens door to new opportunities very quickly.

Information Technology

In Information Technology students are prepared to meet the needs of business, organizations, and other sectors. Students are taught how to select hardware and software by keeping in mind the needs of the organization.

Web Development

Web Development program is designed in such a way that provide students with in depth knowledge related to web development. Students will learn to develop website on the latest platform.

Network Management

In Network Management students learn about the latest practices related to network management. Students will learn how to identify problems and overcome them.

by Students

I thought about a degree but I needed to be able to work at the same time. When I discovered I could do both through OUA, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Accounting. I was living in the UK at the time. All my course materials were sent over there - it's amazing to think I could enroll in an Australian university from all the way over the other side of the world!

Georgina Scambler
Bachelor of Communication

by Students

California Brooks University provides an excellent platform for students like us! I pursued a degree in Business Administration and thanks to all the academic counselors and faculty members, my experience has been amazing! It wasn’t for the academic counselor, Mark I wouldn’t have even enrolled!

Michael Trethowan

by Students

California Brooks University did not only provide me a strong base related to medicine. It was kick start for my career in dentistry! Thanks to the placement services for helping me pursue internships at a dentist place. It surely did save me the hassle of finding a job on my own!

Spencer Winchcombe