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Our Career Services

California Brooks University offers comprehensive career services dedicated to the success of all its students. We do not work in isolation - we work with faculty, academic advisors, and other career professionals across the board so as to maximize your success - as a student or as an employer.

Placement Services

California Brooks University specifically caters to working adults who wish to study without compromising on their current jobs. More than 95% of California Brooks University students are already employed and possess rich and relevant experience in their respective fields. The admissions department at California Brooks University selects and prefers students who have rich work experience and have a successful track record with their current and previous employers. Considering that students at California Brooks University are individuals who seek better employment opportunities, California Brooks University
California Brooks University offers the following types of placement services:


Internship opportunities provide students with the chance to gain real life experience of working in a professional setting. For students who are planning to switch or slightly change their career paths, the internship opportunities are an excellent way to experience the new industry and build a network of contacts. During internships, students get to work on live projects and gain experience that prepares them for actual jobs in the industry. Internships are both paid and unpaid depending upon the company and industry the internship is offered.


For our alumni and student who are soon to finish their academic programs, California Brooks University assists in career placements by partnering with a large number of top employers in every region who are looking for quality human resource. California Brooks University has some of the top employers on board and is continually making efforts to induct more high profile companies on its panel. In order to provide recruiters with perpetual HR support, comprehensive student placement plans are devised through mutual collaboration with corporate partners.

Career Focused Education

California Brooks University allows you to brighten your career prospects by furthering your education in specialized degree programs related to your profession. California Brooks University provides specialized academic planning and support services to help students in continuing their education to grow both academically and professionally. For this purpose California Brooks University offers interested individuals the opportunity to acquire education in relevant fields of study that lead to increasing an individuals earning potential.

The Continuing Education Department at California Brooks University facilitates these students by offering them personalized Career Oriented Academic Counseling and guides them thorough the complete academic process to ultimately help them land in their desired jobs with enhanced job descriptions and better pay scales.

Specialized Programs and Courses

Under the Career Focused Education Programs, California Brooks University allows Individuals to study specialized programs and courses in relevant fields to enhance their career prospects.