Innovation, Excellence & Career Development
with Online Education

California Brooks University is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education that puts you in the best position to succeed in your field and explore the best future prospects. Our main objective is to provide our students, and working adults with the higher education, ensuring success and a bright future. Our competency-based curriculum is specifically designed for experienced professionals who want the most efficient way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge that will help advance their career.

The Student Development

California Brooks University focuses on providing a wide range of degrees and programs to undergraduates and graduates. We focus very much on the development of our students, ensuring career development and success. Our counselors help the students and the working adults choose a degree related to their profession. We offer all means of success for our students, ensuring success, and excellence in the real world.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

California Brooks University offers comprehensive career services dedicated to the success of all its students. We do not work in isolation - we work with faculty, academic advisors, and other career professionals across the board so as to maximize your success - as a student or as an employer.

Student Counseling

We bring out the best skills and expertise of our students with the distinguished faculty and academic counselors we have on board. Our student counselors offer professional academic and career opportunities to students in order to improve processes in an effective and efficient way.

Distinguished Faculty

California Brooks University, being a leading online education institution, is proud to be one of the top globally recognized universities, owing to its ever-progressing educational system and competent members in the faculty; our faculty consists of some of the world- class scholars and industry experts. To ascertain diversity and appropriate global-chemistry of cultures and styles of management we have selected some of the finest educators from each industry.

Diverse Programs

California Brooks University provides quality online education with superior programs, low tuition fees, and unparalleled student support. We do not restrict the flexibility of our students with strict class schedules, high tuition fees, or endless academic requirements. We offer simple online degree programs that ensure academic excellence, convenience and ease.

Flexible & Quality Education

California Brooks University provides flexible and quality education for students and working adults. Our global education system offers unique learning experience where we ensure academic excellence, affiliations, memberships and affordable degree programs.

What Sets Us Apart

Study Anywhere, Anytime

Experience a flexible, convenient and affordable education that easily fits your work routine.

Expert Faculty

Experience a flexible, convenient and affordable education that easily fits your work routine.

Global Presence

Providing flexibilty, and quality education in more than 85+ countries


Providing flexibilty, and quality education in more than 47 countries

Classy Student Experience

Top Class student counseling and development programs and guidance from the time you enroll.

Collge Alliances

A broad network of institutional and non-institutional partners.